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Gifting Guru
November 20, 2018

Gifting Guru

After several decades of career experimentation, let’s call it, I inadvertently became a shopping expert with a fully unaccredited degree in purchases with  special emphasis in gift giving.  Maybe it was fate.  In the spirit of holiday believing, we’ll call it fate.  Though, my biological critics might disagree (hey mom and dad).  


It was during this fateful journey I like to call my 20’s and 30’s that I learned the simple, no fail secrets to buying and giving thee perfect gift, no matter whom the receiver.  And I am going to walk you through my process.  Why reveal my secrets, you ask?  Well, I can only think of one perfect answer for you.  As my daughter would say, “Obvi”.  Obviously, if everyone in the world knows how to buy and give the perfect gift, we all win!


Lesson one.  Shop the world wide web.  Virtually every potential, possible gift is a few clicks from being yours, without the waisted time and expense of store to store shopping.  Avoid the lines and bypass traffic.  Any extra money savings found in a brick and mortar location (if by sheer luck) won’t be as valuable as all the saved time you will be able to use elsewhere.  Just google it.  And don’t forget the coupon codes.  The best online stores have coupon codes, deals, giveaways, fast free shipping and even offer financing.  Look for trusted checkouts like Paypal and Amazon Pay.  It never hurts to check out their social media buzz.  Just saying. 


Lesson number two.  This one is Big.  Are you ready?  You simply cannot go wrong giving the gift of jewelry.  This applies to everyone, for anyone and any occasion.  Allow me to elaborate.  Imagine every possible gifting scenario…  Thank you!  Congratulations!  I’m sorry.  Secret Santa.  I love you.  I need you.  You’re special.  Just because.  Thinking of you.  Keep up the great work.  Reward.  Regret.  You’re being let go.  Illness.  Belated.  Birthday.  Just born.  Man.  Woman.  Senior.  Teenager.  Child.  Baby.  Every gender, every age group, jewelry is everyone’s size, from acquaintances to loved ones—everyone is surprised and excited and genuinely pleased to receive the gift of jewelry.  The reward?  Instantaneous endearment to anyone’s heart.  Your stock soars immediately as the overly generous unexpected and adored, gifting hero.  You will be remembered.  (Applause)  If you give the gift of jewelry, your gift will always “win”.  Not that it’s a competition.  But it really is a stressful pressure in life, and we have all had more than a few bad gifting moments we’d like to have our receivers forget.  But they do not soon forget.  Oh no.  Bad gifting can follow you all your days.  Take my mother, for example.  She never forgotten the Christmas my father gave her a very expensive black leather mini-skirt, nor has she been able to put aside the fact that is was a size 2 and she a size 10.  Or that her closet had always been the exact polar opposite of an expensive black leather mini-skirt.  Had he only known to buy her jewelry, he could have been her Christmas hero.  There is a take-a-way here.  Avoid that shame, we must all.


And that brings us to lesson number three.  You might be thinking… ‘Ok, buy jewelry.  Got it.  But how do I choose the right piece of jewelry every time?  Impossible!’  Well, you’re not wrong.  You will, with that part, just have to take a stab at it with your best guess.  It’s kinda like matching dogs and people.  Some jewelry just looks like a person or his or her style.  But if you’re not a gambler, the timeless classics and jewelry box staples are the go-to.  Square tube hoop earrings.  Tennis or charm bracelets.  Diamond studs.  Wheat chains.  Circle or bar pendants.  Link or wrist cuffs.  Initial rings and necklaces.  At the end of the shopping day, it’s not so much which adornment you choose.  The lesson here is to Only buy from a dot-com with a 60 day hassle free return policy.  If your gift receiver has the option to easily swap out their new trinket for a more suitable piece, then you have retained your title of Perfect Gifter.  There is no down side to giving someone jewelry they don't care for when they have the option to exchange it for something they love!  There you have it, gifting hero.  


Admittedly, it wasn’t until my pops bought my mom a diamond anniversary ring, and then a gold watch, and then a dozen more various pieces of Bonded, Stainless, gemstones and Silver that I had the confidence to draft my blog.  


Happy shopping to all of you this holiday season.  May the spirit of perfect gifting be with you!

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I've Fall'n For Bee Jewels
September 21, 2018

I've Fall'n For Bee Jewels

I’ve Fall’n For Bee Jewels

Let’s talk about fall y’all! I’ve been living in Texas for a year and have been WAITING to finally say that. Fall isn’t here in Texas. If you live in Los Angeles, where our company is based, then it probably isn’t there yet either, but fall style is starting to come in and I am ready for it. The rest of the year is packed with holidays, meaning…. Travel! If you’re like us at bee jewels then you probably like to be stylish all-the-time so we put together a post all about the best fall travel accessories.


  1. What time is it? FALL TIME

Alright, so the number one accessory that needs to be on your list of fall travel accessories is a watch. Two-tone gold watches are my personal favorites for fall but if that isn’t your thing then a gold, silver, or leather watch will be perfect.


  1. Necklaces, necklaces, necklaces

Whether you like chains, or dainty necklaces, a gold piece is the perfect statement for your fall travel wardrobe. My personal favorite from our collection is our 14k gold tree of life necklace. Seeing the leaves falling is my favorite thing about this time of year, and this necklace is a constant reminder of the beauty of fall.


14k Yellow Gold Italian Glitter Open Circle Pendant Necklace, 18”


  1. Bee-utiful Bracelets

Bracelets are my final fall travel accessory. I prefer to go a little bit daintier with bracelets. A gold chain with a small pendant is my go to and pairs perfectly with any watch you might choose. For men, a chunkier chain bracelet is a must.


14k Two-Tone Gold Twist Bangle Bracelet, 7”



Fall accessories are all about the details. Whether you like simple, or statement, shop our collection for all of your 14k gold fall necessities.

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I Said Yes To The Jewelry
September 12, 2018

I Said Yes To The Jewelry

Today I saw the jewelry I'm gonna marry in..

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