I Said Yes To The Jewelry

I Said Yes To The Jewelry

September 12, 2018

The perfect day. The perfect dress. The perfect person. 

When I got engaged all I could think about were these things. We spent months picking our perfect day. I spent months picking the perfect dress, and I had spent over 20 years finding the perfect person. The one thing I hadn’t considered? The perfect jewelry. I had my dress, my man, and the day… but what jewelry could possibly be good enough? What jewelry would be good enough to wear on the perfect day, in the perfect dress, while I marry the perfect man? I googled, I shopped, I called my bridesmaids, I shopped some more, and finally I found it. The perfect bracelet, and the perfect pair of earrings. 

Every bride deserves the perfect jewelry to go with all the beautifully perfect parts of her best day. I spent a lot of time researching and shopping and making phone calls and looking at every wedding website possible, but you don’t have to. After my search I wrote down four steps that led me to the perfect jewelry. 

  1. Style, Style, Style, Style

The style of your dress is everything. I found several necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that were all beautiful. What I hadn’t considered was the style of my dress. I hadn’t considered what would complement the beading of my dress and not distract from it. I hadn’t considered what would look best with the cut of my dress. I hadn’t picked out the hairstyle that would look best with my dress, and I had no idea that would determine what style of earrings would look best. I bought necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and every time I brought them home to try on with my dress they just didn’t work. I couldn’t figure out why: because I didn’t realize all the things I wasn’t considering. How did I realize these things? I went into a bridal shop. Not even the one I bought my dress from. I went to a random bridal store by where I live with a picture of my dress. The girls there rocked it. They asked me all these questions and told me exactly what I needed to be considering. A necklace would distract from the details on my sleeves. Had I thought of that? Nope. Did the girls at the bridal shop know? Immediately. I didn’t find my jewelry there, but I figured out how to. Go to a bridal shop. It doesn’t need to be the one you bought your dress at. You do not need to buy your jewelry there. The people at bridal stores deal with this on a daily basis and have so much knowledge. If I would’ve started with this step I would’ve saved SO much time. 

  1. Budget

Girl, I know. This is the big, bad, ugly step no bride really wants to think about, but we have to. Before I started this process I hadn’t considered what my actual budget was for jewelry, and once I was out at stores looking at pieces I realized I really didn’t know. If you’re like me then your perfect day probably involves some budgeting. Before you go shopping, sit down and figure out your budget. It will save you time that could be spent staring at your perfect dress (we all do it don’t try to act like you don’t). 

  1. Rep-u-tation 

You don’t have to buy a $1000 piece of jewelry, for your perfect day, to know it’s not going to break. At any budget, it’s possible, and important, to buy your jewelry from a company you can trust. Reviews are you best friends in the wedding planning process, and that includes this part. No one wants to have a jewelry malfunction on their wedding day. Make sure before you buy a piece of jewelry from a company that the reviews are solid. Make sure that they aren’t known for poorly made things. Even if your budget is ten dollars for a pair of earrings you CAN find a company that sells earrings that will last through your first look to your rockin’ moves on the dance floor. 

  1. Lean on Your Ladies

I cannot tell you how many pictures, links, and videos of jewelry I sent to my mom, grandma, future mother-in-law, and bridesmaids, before I finally picked something. These people are here for you to give advice. LEAN ON THEM. Use their knowledge. It’s what they're there for. 

I hope this list gets you one step closer to your perfect day. Now go drink some wine.


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