Countdown to V-Day!

Countdown to V-Day!

January 16, 2019

The only thing comparable to the spirit of the holiday season is when love is in the air.  February 14th makes us believe in true love once more, even when our belief Santa Clause has long been lost. 

As the advent calendars are carted away, by what I like to imagine as our friendly local singing garbagemen, it's time to download the latest Valentine's Day countdown App and start browsing Instagram and Pinterest for the perfect romantic plan of action.  Go big or go simple.  As long as you remember her or him, you're set.  

My #1 Valentine's Day involved a very creative, planned out treasure hunt beginning in and around Studio City and ending an hour and a half later at the top of a hiking trail over in Griffith Park.  Complete with homemade clues and an aged treasure map, love notes, a key to his heart (apartment), teddy with rose pedals, breath mints and finally, a very handsome man dressed a full suit and tie holding flowers, sweating profusely.  It was super hot in LA that day.  Every year the memory of that lovin' feeling starts to creep in around mid-January and I just smile my way on through.  

Whatever you do for your special person will be enough.  Flowers, card, love coupons, sweets, jewelry, a proposal of marriage, breakfast in bed...  Just don't forget because it's less than 30 days away, people!

And I will leave you with this thought..  When my boo says, "it's the little things that count, babe".  I say, "jewelry is little".  

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