I've Fall'n For Bee Jewels

I've Fall'n For Bee Jewels

September 21, 2018

I’ve Fall’n For Bee Jewels

Let’s talk about fall y’all! I’ve been living in Texas for a year and have been WAITING to finally say that. Fall isn’t here in Texas. If you live in Los Angeles, where our company is based, then it probably isn’t there yet either, but fall style is starting to come in and I am ready for it. The rest of the year is packed with holidays, meaning…. Travel! If you’re like us at bee jewels then you probably like to be stylish all-the-time so we put together a post all about the best fall travel accessories.


  1. What time is it? FALL TIME

Alright, so the number one accessory that needs to be on your list of fall travel accessories is a watch. Two-tone gold watches are my personal favorites for fall but if that isn’t your thing then a gold, silver, or leather watch will be perfect.


  1. Necklaces, necklaces, necklaces

Whether you like chains, or dainty necklaces, a gold piece is the perfect statement for your fall travel wardrobe. My personal favorite from our collection is our 14k gold tree of life necklace. Seeing the leaves falling is my favorite thing about this time of year, and this necklace is a constant reminder of the beauty of fall.


14k Yellow Gold Italian Glitter Open Circle Pendant Necklace, 18”


  1. Bee-utiful Bracelets

Bracelets are my final fall travel accessory. I prefer to go a little bit daintier with bracelets. A gold chain with a small pendant is my go to and pairs perfectly with any watch you might choose. For men, a chunkier chain bracelet is a must.


14k Two-Tone Gold Twist Bangle Bracelet, 7”



Fall accessories are all about the details. Whether you like simple, or statement, shop our collection for all of your 14k gold fall necessities.

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