Turquoise Gemstone Bead Bracelet


A perfect piece of healing jewelry charged with positivity, compassion and balancing energies. A meaningful bracelet to wear throughout the day whether you choose to use it for a quick meditation or to remind you of good things.

Good health and healing. Helps stops the aches and pains so you can move about much better. Stops confusion in the head and brings peace of mind. Feel better and stop suffering so much. Also your nerves will relax, so you can sleep better. 

Bracelet specification:
- Bracelet Size: Adjustable
- Bead Diameter: 14mm
- Gemstone beads: turquoise
- Cord: black
- Beads size in the bracelet: 12 mm
- Beads size in the ends of cord: 6 mm
- Handmade Bracelet, Adjustable size fits most wrists, Easy to wear and comfortable 
- Trendy dainty bracelet is made of alloy and turquoise; beautiful design makes it not only an accessory but an extension of your personality 
- Bohemian turquoise bracelet match with suitable apparel to create your personal style for different occasion 

Turquoise's stunning sky blues to stimulating sea greens has made Turquoise one of the most popular color trends in jewelry history. 

Turquoise is believed to bring good luck and happiness.